• Industrial Deafness

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Individuals who have worked in industries that have left them exposed to loud or constant noises may suffer with their hearing later in life. This is known as Industrial Deafness and should not be treated as simply a part of the ageing process.

Anybody who has worked in such an industry without the correct and sufficient healthy and safety procedures applied may be entitled to accident injury compensation. If the affliction and repercussions were not the fault of the affected party then it is not fair that they should suffer the consequences.

Industrial Deafness does not singularly concern only complete deafness in victims. It also covers victims who suffer from partial deafness or ringing, hissing, buzzing, humming or whistling in their ears. All of these effects can cause significant difficulties in professional and personal life.

A victim who has suffered from a loss of income as a result of Industrial Deafness may be entitled to make a claim to compensate for the lost earnings. The inability to hear completely and wholly may rule the victim out of many jobs and industries. If the affected party is skilled in an industry where hearing is essential, then Industrial Deafness could have a huge negative impact upon their livelihood and earning potential.

Industrial Deafness most often occurs in labour intensive industries where heavy machinery is used on a large scale. Such industries are required by law to provide health and safety equipment and training to all employees who are at risk of such an affliction. If these precautions were not provided then the guilty party may be liable to pay significant personal injury compensation.

Like all Industrial Diseases; Industrial Deafness can be claimed against retroactively. If the affected party was working in the conditions that cause the affliction within the last 20 years, then they may be entitled to compensation. This means that affected individuals who have struggled with the burden of Industrial Deafness for the last 20 years may be able to seek a cash settlement to compensate for the subsequent hardships suffered.

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