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If you have been injured in the process of a crime being committed by another party then you could be entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim. Innocent bystanders can be caught up in dangerous crimes resulting in a negative impact upon their health. These crimes and their subsequent injuries can occur in any private or commercial property.

The victims of the crime and the injury may believe that they can only claim against the damage or loss of their property. Ocean Accident Claims can help the victims receive due compensation for the injuries they have received. If a crime has been committed in your home, place of work; an injury may be an accidental or purposeful by-product of that crime.

Even in the streets, injuries caused by crime can occur. The criminals leaving the scene of the crime may be careless in their escape. Pushing their way through crowds could lead to trips and falls.

Criminals escaping by automobile may be irrational in their driving, potentially leading to car accidents.


  • Headaches: A blow to the head can cause prolonged and painful headaches. These can be caused by a direct attack or a fall. Headaches can make it hard to sleep and concentrate, impacting profoundly upon daily life.
  • Weapon Inflicted Injuries: If a weapon has been used in the crime, all parties involved are at risk of subsequent injury. These injuries can manifest themselves in many manners; head trauma, broken bones, flesh wounds, etc.
  • Broken Bones: When caught off guard by a criminal, a broken bone can be caused. A blow to the head can lead to a broken jaw or nose. Escaping criminals can knock over bystanders, also potentially leading to broken bones.
  • Concussion: A significant bang of the head can lead to concussion in the victim. This can lead to dizziness, vomiting, nausea, lack of motor coordination and difficulty balancing.
  • Psychological Trauma: Not all injuries are entirely physical. Victims of crime can lose confidence in their safety. Parties who were targeted at their place of work could find it difficult to return to their job. This could lead to a loss of income.

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