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The workplace should be a safe haven where you can concentrate on doing the job you specialise in for your employer. You are there for the benefit of your employer, making him/her money and that should be respected. Wherever you work, you should feel safe and secure. Your personal safety should never be called into question.

Sadly, this is not always the case and in some circumstances the workplace can become highly dangerous. If your employer is putting your safety and that of your colleagues at risk then they are susceptible to Accident Compensation Claims.

Different workplaces bring with them their own risks and problem areas.


Heavy Lifting.

Lifting objects is an almost daily exercise for factory and industrial workers. Lifting objects in the wrong way can lead to pain and injury. If correct lifting techniques have not been imparted by the employer then they may be liable for compensation. Any employee who has injured themselves through lifting without correct tutoring are entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim. Additionally, the objects lifted must be of reasonable weight and size. The routes and walkways where objects are to be carried through must be safe and large enough to manoeuvre the object through. Incorrect heavy lifting can lead to back pain and spasms.

Faulty Work Equipment.

All equipment used by factory and industry workers must be regularly checked and tested to ensure that it is working correctly and safely. The employer is considered negligent if the equipment is faulty and is liable if an injury is caused. A wide range of injuries can occur due to faulty equipment: sprained and broken bones, flesh wounds, loss of limb, head trauma, back pains.

Poor Design of Workplace Layout.

If a job requires a large degree of manoeuvrability then the layout of the workspace must reflect that. Narrow walkways are dangerous for high volumes of traffic or individuals lifting objects or operating machinery. Mobile machinery needs considerable room to move and manoeuvre, if this is not granted it can jeopardise the safety of the employee operating the machinery and those around it. Poor design of workplace layout can lead to a wide range of injuries including sprained and broken bones, flesh wounds, loss of limb and paralysis amongst others.

Dangerous Substances used at Work.

Full and thorough training must be provided by employers regarding safe handling of hazardous substances such as chemicals. These substances must all be properly stored in the correct equipment and in the correct environment. Failure to provide full training and correct storage is negligence on the part of the employer and an Accident Compensation Claim can be made. Negligence of dangerous substance safety can lead to burns, skin infections, eye infections and loss of function in the affected area.

Furthermore; standards of presentation for all employees must be clear. Hair and loose clothing can get caught in machinery leading to injury of the afflicted party. If hair can get caught in machinery then hair nets should be provided and loose clothing removed or covered. It is the responsibility of the employer to maintain these standards.

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