Personal Injury Claims and Compensation Calculator

We understand that you may want to know how much compensation you could receive. However, the amount of compensation awarded varies from case to case, depending on the injuries, so we are not able to give an exact amount.
Please use our interactive guide below to see the typical compensation awards received for different types of accident and injury.
These amounts are accepted as the standard guidelines for awarding compensation and you should be wary of any company that promises you more than is shown here.
Simply find an area of the body


Head and Neck Injuries

Brain Damage arrow £9,875 to £257,750
Minor head injury arrow £1,400 to £8,100
Facial Injuries
  • Cheek bones
arrow £1,500 to £10,100
  • Jaw fractures
arrow £4,100 to £29,000
  • Facial disfigurement
arrow £2,500 to £62,000 (females)
£2,500 to £42,000 (males)
Eye Injuries arrow £2,500 to £172,500
Ear Injuries arrow £8,000 to £70,000
Whiplash/General Neck injuries arrow £850 to £95,000
Psychiatric Damage
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
arrow up to £32,000
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
arrow £2,500 to £64,250

Torso Injuries

Whiplash/General Neck injuries arrow £850 to £95,000
Back injuries arrow £5,000 to £108,000
Shoulder injuries arrow £2,750 to £30,750
Chest and Lung Injuries arrow £20,000 to £35,000
Asbestos-related Lung disease arrow £30,750 to £81,500
Fractured ribs arrow up to £2,500
Food poisoning arrow £600 to £33,500
Quadriplegia arrow £206,750 to £257,750
Paraplegia arrow £140,000 to £181,5000

Arm Injuries

Arm Injuries arrow up to £191,500
Shoulder injuries arrow £2,750 to £30,750
Wrist injuries arrow £2,250 to £38,250
Hand injuries arrow £600 to £129,000
Finger Injuries arrow up to £23,500
Loss of thumb arrow £22,750 to £35,000
Vibration White Finger / Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome arrow £1,900 to £20,250

Leg Injuries

Leg Injuries arrow £5,750 to £180,000
Knee Injuries arrow up to £61,500
Ankle injuries arrow up to £32,000
Foot injuries arrow up to £128,500
Toe injuries arrow up to £36,000


The Citizen’s Advice Bureau says it’s our “civil and legal right” to make an accident claim. But 69% of us don’t make an accident claim. Don’t miss out on what’s rightfully yours. Please note that with your consent Ocean Accident Claims may refer your case to other selected Solicitors to deal with.